Wednesday, 13 April 2016

UPDATE: What will be on here!

Hey guys, just wanted to update and say what to expect on here from now on.

First of all I'm going to finish up with Daredevil season 2 episode reviews and between then I will go do some trailer reviews (considering how many trailers came out yesterday I think it's essential). I'll be doing my top 5 favourite MCU films so far, and I will also take some focus on reviewing some non superhero related movies. I feel I got too into the superhero genre when I reviewed all the MCU films and left little room for anything else so I'll definitely get into some other films. Seen as Eddie the Eagle came out recently I'll probably head down and see that! :D

I'll make sure to produce more frequent content on here again and back into a certain way of doing things!

As always I salute you for reading and enjoy the content up now :) I'll be putting another episode review up tomorrow :)

And sometimes I question whether Matt sticks to his non killing policy! ;)


  1. Will you be continuing with your Top 10 TV shows?

    1. Oh yes I will, sorry forgot to add that in

  2. Excellent. Looking forward to it.